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Spread love and enhance human values through Selfless Service & rejuvenate Sanatana Dharma by preserving our ancient Vedic Culture.


Serve to Live & Live to Serve

Hrudaya Spandana stands for Reverbarations of Love. (word Hrudaya means “Love” and Spandana means “Reverberations”). The team of volunteers at Hrudaya Spandana operate from the space of love. All the activities, they are embarking on, are for spreading pure divine love. Goal of this team is to share love and resources with our fellow human beings in a way that fulfils their basic needs and makes them feel cared for. This helps all of us to taste the bliss of societal togetherness. This endeavour with the flame of philanthropy, kindled in our hearts, inspires us to carry the torch of service forward for universal good.

Sai Mayee Trust

For society to pulsate with joy and growth, all classes and ages of people, irrespective of religion, profession, gender or personal preferences, must have a bond of connectivity and interdependence that takes care of both material and emotional needs of everyone. In this light, we help orphanages so that children without parents can experience love and have their needs met and can become useful members of the society when they grow up. At the other end, we also provide succour to old people who do not have anyone to take care of them.

Sri Sai Meru Mathi Trust

The body is the temple of God and the temple is the body of societal consciousness of Divinity. Temples in India were (and still are) not merely architectural marvels of breath-taking beauty, but also specialized structures designed for very specific purposes like creating the needed ambience to realize the principle of Oneness running through the variegated creation, awakening and balancing chakras (Centre’s of consciousness) for living a wholesome life, getting protection from physical harm and natural calamities, healing diseases.