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Temples in India were (and still are) not merely architectural marvels of breath-taking beauty, but also specialized structures designed for very specific purposes like creating the needed ambience to realize the principle of Oneness running through the variegated creation, awakening and balancing chakras (Centre’s of consciousness) for living a wholesome life, getting protection from physical harm and natural calamities, healing diseases. Gigantic temples were sometimes carved from a single piece of rock as blocks of rocks were pieced together at other times like a giant jigsaw puzzle to build the temples, often defying scientific logic besides establishing the supreme genius of the Indian temple architects.

Obviously, temples are repositories of invaluable energy, the judicious and discerning use of which can resolve almost all human predicaments and help in knowledge/skill acquisition, thus helping in cultural development of the society. The team at Sri Sai Meru Mathi Trust has taken the hallowed and useful service of preserving our culture by doing Madhava Seva (for guiding mankind along the right path and to help in the protection and prosperity of the entire world). Some of our main activities include:

  • Rudrabhishekam – for promoting peace and harmony

  • Devata Kalyanam – performing celestial weddings to achieve global harmony

  • Sarva Devata Homam – for sanctification of Prakruti and enhancing Her balance. These incantations generate protective, healing and pleasant vibrations that charge the environment with positive energy from which everybody can draw spiritual sustenance and the spirit to be more effective & efficient.

  • Devalaya Punarodharanam – for protecting the society by re-establishing temples

  • Group Chanting - helps people sense the need of congregations thus develops mutual warmth, societal security and the responsibility for communal harmony in them and genuine Loka Kalyanam happens

Essence of scriptures is “madhava seva” – it is to guide mankind along the right path for creating a protected and prosperous world. This seva inculcates dharmic values in the people, their families and bring them together to further aim of unity – “Vasudeva kutumbam”. Team Hrudaya Spandana is attempting to serve the world to protect, preserve and propagate sanathana dharma, rising above caste, class and language barriers. It is believed that this helps people to bring about an inner transformation. Rudrabhishekam, homas and devatha kalyanams have a profound effect on the environment and people attending it. These vibrations purify the surroundings and calming effect on the people’s mind. These can be well compared to meditation/yoga. The experience of oneness of the worshipper with the worshipped is realization of true nature of the self. These pujas, celestial weddings, homas are carried out for the welfare of the world. These incantations generate protective, healing and pleasant vibrations that charge the environment with positive energy. A true devotee never thinks of himself. He is so full of the thought of God that his own self is forgotten. That is the best way to attain salvation.

We are sure our spiritual, noble, lofty and socially useful mission must be resonating with your heart, and as an enlightened Indian citizen you would like to contribute in some way or the other to this resurrection of our ancient culture oriented on modern techniques and tools. Get in touch with us a Email to us info@hrudayaspandana.com for more information.