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Hrudaya Spandana is an organization with the vision “To spread love and enhance human values through selfless and rejuvenate Sanatana Dharma by preserving our ancient Vedic culture”.
It’s motto is “Serve to Live & Live to Serve”.

1. Re-establish more and more temples

2. Ensure the welfare of the temple priests and caretakers

3. Perform Ati Rudra Maha Yajna

4. Perform more celestial weddings and Sarva Devata Homams

5. Conduct mass Kalyanams and Upanayanams

6. Adopting a village & turning it into a model village with self sufficiency for other villages to emulate

7. Supporting education on a larger scale

8. Extending regular medical aid to many less fortune people

9. Helping the girl child get educated and become independent

10. Bringing more old age homes and schools into ambit of our service

11. Setting up Gaushalas

12. Opening Pathashalas for rural and needy children and help them connect to mainstream life